Thursday, 11 February 2016

Gravity's Sound!

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Are You Coming With Me?

Friday, 29 January 2016



Wednesday, 27 January 2016

The Doomsday Clock

The Doomsday Clock is to stay the same time at 11:57. The problem is, it's set at the wrong time. It should be set at 11:58 because they have left it at 3 mins to knowing it should be increased. The reason being, if the clock goes up a minute; the act of changing it's time would increase it by 2 mins making it 11:59. Because they have thought about the effect of the clock would have, means that we have reached Doomsday at 12:00 and we know its not Doomdsay! We then have to average out the clocks effect and conclude the clock is out by a minute but wrong by three. So it should be set at 11:58, but can't be moved!

Teddy Bear

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Alice and Stephens Teddy bear

If black holes have soft hair, that could only mean one thing, Alice went down the rabbit hole without her teddy bear. That is completely impossible as, Alice would never go to wonderland without her teddy bear! Leaving a teddy bear on the surface of a black hole would be unthinkable, if it was proved that the teddy bear was on the surface, it would mean Alice is not here in our universe and the universe is not real. Whatever created the universe would be already in the universe and would have been created by the universe.

If you put quantum physics together with relativity and add them together that would mean we are in wonderland.
So unless your Alice and you know your in wonderland you are nothing more than than imagination of an observer in a self contained world, which will not become real until it's been created and why create something until you know it works? So one day you will create the universe!
 So welcome to the mad hatters tea party! I'll have mine in a perfect cup, I don't want to spill a drop. By the sounds of it no one is ever escaping up the rabbit hole, without Alice because her teddy bear is blocking the entrance! Only Alice can go to wonderland and remove the teddy bear.
If Alice is not here, then we cannot be classed as real, as the world we exist in, would be created by Alice's teddy bear and a teddy bear is not a real observer.
If Alice is here she would never leave her teddy bear on the surface of a black hole, because Alice would never go to wonderland without it.
Of course Alice's teddy bear is no ordinary teddy! It has to hold every little bit of information there is. A glass slipper if you like, one that can only fit the right type of foot.

So ether there is a infinite amount of teddy bears, each with its own Alice and the only universes that support life are the ones, where Alice can take her teddy bear with her. Or there is only one Alice and one teddy bear, which means the all existance is beyond comprehension, Alice would still need to take her teddy bear with her. Leaving it on the surface of a black hole is unthinkable! If there's no teddy bear there is only one Alice and only one universe where Alice has her teddy bear.

The problem with Teddy bears is that they are always running away and Alice will not go with out it.

This is an indication something is wrong with the black hole. The Teddy already knows there is a problem, as it's being pushed away from the horizon and not pulled towards it. Alice will then refuse to go to wonderland and the problem remains.
Forcing Alice to take the Teddy bear will result in the creation of a mini universe that will rapidly collapse. Making near impossible for the teddy bear to escape without quantum suicide. If the inflation is out sink with the parent universe a supernova will be created. If the Teddy bear has no chance of escape it will create a new universe.
But no Teddy bear will go to wonderland with Alice.

That's why your Teddy bear keeps running away. No Teddy bear in any universe can hold all the information there is, so they can only create imaginary universes.

Monday, 9 November 2015

Storm in a Tea Cup

Why black hole's don't exist

When carrying a cup of tea on a tray, certain shapes of cup always spill more tea out than others.
This must also be the same for black holes.
A black hole is a geometric shape of space time. If a black hole was a sphere that would mean space would have a gravitational shape that would spill all of the tea out of the cup and leave nothing inside. Although the shape of a black hole is generally seen as a sphere, it's gravity is not spherical, it's normally shown like a very heavy object on a rubber sheet, but if that shape was full of tea and was carried on a tray then all the tea would be spilled on the tray and not in the cup.
This of course is impossible, as nothing can escape up the sides of the gravity well. But what happens to the tea is not impossible at all, so it should be the same for everything in the universe.

All the tea in the universe is already falling into a black hole and because space time in black holes is the worst kind of cup. All the tea in the universe is spilt all over the place, in this universe and that universe. So if we take any tea and throw it into a black hole instead of falling into a black hole, the tea finds its self in a cup that does not spill a drop, and it cannot be outside of the horizon. So all tea we throw in the black hole will, have got there as soon as the black hole formed. Instead of all the tea being throw everywhere it is collected into one super cup that does not spill a drop. But that's not true as its been spilt all over the place. Obviously there is a time issue here, as the tea was in the cup before it got spilt not the other way round.

So the conclusion is that we can see what is inside the horizon as its already been spilt all over the universe. So if we put our tea in there we will succeed in, creating the mess in the first place!