Monday, 9 November 2015

Storm in a Tea Cup

Why black hole's don't exist

When carrying a cup of tea on a tray, certain shapes of cup always spill more tea out than others.
This must also be the same for black holes.
A black hole is a geometric shape of space time. If a black hole was a sphere that would mean space would have a gravitational shape that would spill all of the tea out of the cup and leave nothing inside. Although the shape of a black hole is generally seen as a sphere, it's gravity is not spherical, it's normally shown like a very heavy object on a rubber sheet, but if that shape was full of tea and was carried on a tray then all the tea would be spilled on the tray and not in the cup.
This of course is impossible, as nothing can escape up the sides of the gravity well. But what happens to the tea is not impossible at all, so it should be the same for everything in the universe.

All the tea in the universe is already falling into a black hole and because space time in black holes is the worst kind of cup. All the tea in the universe is spilt all over the place, in this universe and that universe. So if we take any tea and throw it into a black hole instead of falling into a black hole, the tea finds its self in a cup that does not spill a drop, and it cannot be outside of the horizon. So all tea we throw in the black hole will, have got there as soon as the black hole formed. Instead of all the tea being throw everywhere it is collected into one super cup that does not spill a drop. But that's not true as its been spilt all over the place. Obviously there is a time issue here, as the tea was in the cup before it got spilt not the other way round.

So the conclusion is that we can see what is inside the horizon as its already been spilt all over the universe. So if we put our tea in there we will succeed in, creating the mess in the first place!

The Eye

There had been a rumour going around like, a draught seeping in to every room and slowly the draught became a gale. Another pyramid was to be raised! There had been a rumour going around now for a while and to add to the speculation a massive wall had been built. No one had ever, seen anything like it! It was so high it cast a shadow over the city all day long!
I had heard like everyone else, there was always a selected few who would be chosen to travel to the metropolis, to live out another life in order to gain the knowledge. It was said, they would been transported into a city that had massive buildings that touched the sky! Buildings that shined as bright as the sun, and birds that carried hundreds of people across the sky's.
I had to be chosen for this! I could feel it in my soul, I could see this place in my mind already. This place was where our forefathers had come from, the ancient ones had built two massive squares on the ground to symbolise the place from where they had come. Two pyramids had already been raised upon the squares.
They say a magic eye transported the chosen ones to the great city, I will be chosen! It is my destiny.
One day the future will arrive, but it's a future we will have already lived.

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Horizon Event

(c) Sean 2008

Blue Whale sounding a Supanova

Swift took these images of SN 2007uy in galaxy NGC 2770 before SN 2008D exploded. An X-ray image is on top. The lower image is in visible light. Credit: NASA/Swift Science Team/Stefan Immler. Swift


Dam Overflow

(c) Sean 2008

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Leap of Faith

There is this man somewhere out there, in  space and time. He has one obsession. That obsession is to fold an entire galaxy, to create a closed loop in space time. By doing this he will not move or travel in any direction through space time, the galaxy will be folded around him. He has spent most of his life creating the machine to do it. He plans to use the entire energy of the of the supermassive black hole at it centre.

 Human minds are one of the best computer systems available and have been used in vast computers for a long time. It's amazing what a mind can do with no actual body. The minds have been given gel like body's which allow the nerves to fully develop but provide no muscle tissue or bones. Every now and then, one does fail and unfortunately has to be removed from the system. The minions that service theses systems do not proved any comfort to the brains that are removed and they are left to shut down on the cold hard floor! Once removed the brain and its gel like body cannot continue to survive as it has no lungs, no muscles and no way to feed its self. It just dies within 4 minutes!
 It is strange that at one time humans thought the computers they created would take over the world. There fears where unfounded once computers became smarter than humans, they realised that the human mind without the need for a body was far superior. So humans had a defining role to play in the evolution of consciousness (which if you have not already noticed is now spelt differently, than it was last year. The reason is because, you are already part of this system!) which meant we had vastly improved human life.

This man was raised by beings which where originally designed to look after, one of these systems. System evolution meant that an actual human being was needed to advance forward. Some of the older systems had complete humans beings, so it was not hard for them to develop a super intelligent human being. The mission this man had set himself was to save the human race from being enslaved into this system. To do this, involved time travel.
To understand how things have advanced from now till then is rather complicated, the reason why is because I live in this time and the things I see are in another time. But as far as I can tell these computer systems can recreate anybody's  life that ever existed in the past and that persons life can be lived by anyone plugged in to the system.

Of course this sounds like the Matrix, but that's my story. That bit where Neo wakes up plugged into the machine, happened to me, in my life!! I can only concluded that a conversation I had with someone was overheard by the makers of the Matrix. How the hell can memories from my life end up in a movie? Because it's has baffled me ever since I watched it.

Each system has a main controller, who is conscious of there current existence at all times, but has a super consciousness. This experience is hard for anybody alive today to understand, but this person controls the system in an multi dimension environment, they can control all life on Earth like a pilot controls his crew, by creating higher dimensional future means we follow this path.
The thing is, there are already some of these systems on Earth! Normally theses systems operate over the past so the future will be stacked upon events that have occurred. Like Osiris parting the Indian Ocean and walking to Egypt, but what actually happened was a natural event which played out over hundreds of years. Osiris actually did part the Indian Ocean, but our 3 dimensional world did not see that happen.

In 2001 you killed everyone on the planet, playing doomsday games with quantum physics! That higher dimensional future is not going to go away! The universe is unforgiving, the truth is, in fact the universe is the least of your worries, the Earth is unforgiving!
The Human race can't even see, to realise, that if you don't help each other and stop fighting you will all become extinct!! No God is going to help you, no alien race is going to save you! Science is not going to stop what you have already done!

It's no good having all the power in the universe, if you committed suicide to get it!