Friday, 19 December 2014

Hanging By A Thread

 Came across this one morning while waking through a wood. It was amazing to see this leaf which, at first just appeared to be floating in midair.  This was leaf hanging down from the tree's on a single thread of spider silk, it was about 2 foot off the ground and hanging down more five meters from tree canopy. It was still amazing even when I relised what it was!

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Beyond Air

I could never understand how a gland could produce oxygen, I was always sure mine was not working properly! In school our teacher assured us that it had never failed in anyone, that it's design was foolproof and a perfect example of how evolution had come up with a way, for us to survive in multiple environments! This had allow us to live on worlds with different atmosphere's and our bodies had the ability to survive in a pure vacuum. This is where I spent most of my time, my mind connected to the universe and it's here more than anywhere that feels like home.
Just me, only me and no one else, felt what I felt when in my secret place, with no air to breath I was king.
I would stay in my secret place for as long as I dare, but getting back from there got harder every time I phased back through. I could sit there in hyperspace forever, this is where our ships would pass through and I sat there watching them go back and forth. I could only observe them and I had no idea where they were going. I soon learned I, was the only one who could do this and so told no one about it.
Phasing back through the wall after a while had become increasingly complex, at first I just seemed to slide through without any issues at all. But the more I entered this world, the more complex the return was. At first I just saw these glimpses of an another existence, just like a waking dream which seemed pleasant at first. This waking dream was no dream at all, it was a life I had lived and at first it was too hard to except that this was something I had done as a being. So I continued to see this as nothing but a dream!
How? How could I have lived a life that involved an event, that meant I had break my own neck in order for me to turn my brain over so, I could exist!

Was this really me? Ironically this is me writing about me seeing myself in another life, seeing myself do something I actually did in this life and why did I have to do this?

Because I am a fool, I am me at the centre of everything and the idiot that saw nothing at all!

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Two Great Kings

C10 Q72
The year 1999, seventh month,
From the sky will come a great King of Terror:
To bring back to life the great King of the Mongols,
Before and after Mars to reign by good luck. 

Quatrain from Nostradamus

Form the sky will come a great king of terror. 
Great kings of terror which have the possibility of coming from the sky tend to be few and far between, it would be more likely be a object from space.
To bring back to life the great King of the Mongols
. Tem├╝jin was the name of Genghis Khan, which is generally thought to mean iron. The name was given to him, because he was from a family of blacksmiths. The greatest of all the blacksmiths was Vulcan or his Greek counterpart Hephaestus who made weapons and jewellery for the gods. Although he was a god and not a King the line itself has suggestions of a resurrection, Jesus was said to be King of the Jews and by many considered to be god himself.
The two lines are saying that an object from space will hit earth and trigger a volcano, maybe even a  super volcano. The creation of the forge from where Vulcan, can continue with his creations for the Gods, their weapons and their jewels. Objects from space can be big chunks of Iron, so the object striking the earth is Iron and upon impact the object is destroyed with all that surrounds it.

Then with death comes rebirth, from Vulcans forge and there he can bring back to life the iron that created it. The gods can have their weapons of war and beautiful jewels,  After the lands would be fertile from the volcanic ash that would fall, allowing agriculture to flourish and meaning mankind would survive by luck. As the God of war is also the God of agriculture, as long as Mars reigns mankind survives.

The top line is not a date but maybe a name or number of an object catalogued by who ever discovered it.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Ebola Super Wave

During the spanish flu of 1918-19 there was 3 waves of infection, the first being mild then the second and 3rd; which killed millions. Ebola seems to coming in waves just before the amount of infections double, the infection rate slows in some places then shortly after there is a fast increase in infections and deaths. The infection is being passed on by survivors, the survivors are passing the virus on to at least two other people. The infection rate slows as the victims die, and the survivors recover then, as they recover, they remain infectious for enough time to spread the virus to at least two people and then the infection rate doubles and it begins again.
 If the virus evolves there would be a second wave.
If ebola has infected 1.2 million before it has been controlled there is a chance of a second wave, where the survivors are infected again resulting in a increase of death rate from the new wave as peolpes immune system's over react to the new strain. The survivors will be those that have never had ebola and ebola will infect people faster than before but the mortality rate will fall, increasing the infection rate.
 If it evolves again the 3rd wave would be catastrophic for the survivors, the amount of infected by this time could be in the billions, which could be within 12 months of 1.2 million being infected.
1.2 x 2 = 2.4
3.8, 7.4, 14.8, 29.6, 59.2, 118.4, 236.8, 473.6, 947.2, 1.9 billion, 3.8 billion, 7.4 billion in 13 months infected. Everyone on the planet will have been infected by ebola if it can't be controlled by next September.
 If a third wave strikes the the 3.5 billion people who have survived the, mortality rate could be close to 98% resulting in a population drop into the millions before it burns it's self out, due to having no more people to infect.

 The people who would be looking after the infected would be the one's who have survived, leaving only one place for the virus to go.

Don't worry a cure is coming?

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Pearls Disease

Something so shocking, it's name was sent through time. But what is Pearls Disease? It creates chains of Pearls inside the lymph system, that's all I know and mankind created it! It also has a 98% mortality rate, infection rate is 100% meaning every one on earth will be infected or effected. Virus incubation is many years and hidden within DNA like AIDS. No cure will ever be found.

Should we really rushing through cures for Ebola?

Ebola will burn itself out, the death rate is increasing which makes it less transmittable. The higher the death rate, the less it spreads. The virus is worse when the chance of death is 50% as it rides the quantum waves.

Do you kill the cat? Or let it live?
Flip the quantum coin, it only has one side.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Sunday, 17 August 2014