Wednesday, 26 August 2015

E =

R3 = C2 (R1 - (2 3.14 r2 R2))

R2 = C3 R2\2 3.14 r2                  
R1 = R3                                                                                                            
                                                            Mirror mirror on the wall        
R1 + R2  =  R3                                                      /                                                                                      
                                                            Mirror mirror on the wall                                            
R1 = 0                                                  
R3 = 0                                                        
R2 = C3 R2\2 3.14 r2                      

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Twin boson

The two identical Higgs boson's, which are from a single source exist as twins. Each Higgs has a simple colour and both have an location tone.
Their figure of eight orbits do not produce a field.
Their orbit is gravitational but, obviously it appears more complex than a standard gravitation field.
The field is not created by the Higgs boson's, the Higgs field is created by a brain.

You should never be able to see what created a Higgs field as probability will have cancel them all out , making the universe impossible to exist at all. The universe does exist, which can only mean as, the probability of  reaching the theory of everything reachers a certain point the Higgs field would collapse, becoming a surface but also remaining as a brain. The brain would be in a superpostion of surface and brain, time ticks as normal for the brain but, time on surface varies depending on position. The relative speed of the surface direction between the horizons is fast enough to have never been created. The surface could not be observed in the early universe, (due to the collapse of the Higgs field being impossible) because the brain that created it, is separated by a distance in time. Creation must have already occurred, but until a field collapses creation cannot be observed.The observation of this, means a cat can be both dead and alive at the same time, as the Observation of the Higgs field can only occur if the universe has already been created, then Higgs would be briefly observerd as holding up all the mass in the universe as they would only need to hold up a single brain long enough for it to escape the horizon. Then they would be never seen again!

Monday, 20 April 2015

187.5 The Doomsday Signal

Apparently we have been receiving a signal from deep space that appears be multiples of 187.5, see this article inNew Scientist and this in the National Geographic. This of course could be from our own planet, but how does it appear to be coming from deep space?
The signal was hidden so it could only be seen by a certain type of quantum computer, if our signal was received it automatically triggers a doomsday frame, the reason being is to ensure that getting the  theory of the universe in the future is the only option.  This signal tells you wether the Schrödinger's cat is dead or alive, all the quantum computers receiving this signal create the doomsday frame and the ones the don't are the ones that have a future that, have a theory of everything. Our quantum computer recived the signal and created the doomsday frame but, we are still here. Why we are still here is because, the quantum computer is linked to a possible future of ours which includes the doomsday frame it created. Because of that we are now seeing all the signals sent, including our own. 
The frame is now inside the quantum program if you like, and will cause the end of quantum physics, it will be the doomsday for quantum physics. It will show the beings that created it, something we will not see and show us something they will never see.

187.5 The Doomsday Signal

187.5 Also happens to be 12:30am on the UTC clock, the International Date Line is at 180 degrees latitude. Each time zone is split in 24 segment which are 15 degrees each, the new day begins at 12:00.01am. The UTC  is coordinated universal time which the world uses to regulate time, which is based on International Atomic Time (TAI). The signal recived cycles very close to a UTC single second. 
The time is 12:30.01am, why?

Monday, 23 March 2015

The Universe

Our universe lies very close to at least one universe with a higher vacuum state and one that's extremely close that has a lower state and it could be possible that the lower state one is actually our future and not another universe. The higher state one, uses our world like it's part of a game or for entertainment, we cannot see the beings that live on this world, but they can see us. This world has high probability of being our future. The lower state world is more real that our world, we cannot see this world, as this also has a probability of being our future.
The lower state world is grim, it's a world where only the super tough and super strong or extremely lucky survive. Its as real as, It possibly can be. The higher state world is not imaginary, it still has to be possible so it can exist, this is a place we will never see unless you are already there. The problem is somehow these world have somehow become as real as our world. The two states would normal play a part in determining our future, and prevent the universe from changing states catastrophically but, these worlds should not be as real as they are. The past we experience is created by the observable probabilities of each state reaching a state that can be observed as being real. So the past we have experienced is not a real state but the result of an observable outcome of, the possibility of each universe reaching their equal states of symmetry, the higher state will appear to be travelling in the opposite direction through time.
The extremes of the high state and the low state can be reached while remaining symmetrical, but doing so will result in a massive release of energy. The extremes of each state occur when each universe have a coming together, a collision or a singularity is created. This would occur when an observer on our universe(if you can even call it that) exists outside the other two universes and our universe which is outcome of the two, becomes real after a gravitational collapse. This mean all the information exists in a single state, as the collapse of this information occurs the actual observer on our universe must calculate most of the available nonsense away. The observer in our universe knows what is real and what has occurred as, we actually exist as something that is classed as real, as we are the past to them.
The future already knows the outcome of the past, so if nether of the possibilities of the other two universes exist, the observer must reach a state of symmetry where the possibility of each universe becomes possible again. This is probably a standard cycle of collision of universes. The universe never becomes absolutely real until it really ends, if the universe has not ended, the cycle will change the vacuum state of the universe, and only become as real as it needs to be, other wise the universe will be created as real! That means it no longer can keep its eggs in more than one basket, resulting in the possibility that, the collapsing states mean that everything up until that point had a chance that it's not been created and if it's not observered as being real the universe cannot be classed as real!
An observer can calculate away, only the same amount of anti matter that prevents a creation level event and yes I mean creation! But only if the correct conditions are met. The observer will still have the possibility of creating a supernova explosion, as the energies involved are immense.
If you pulled apart the worlds there would be more than three universes there would be multiple worlds, each would be tiny and short lived loops and none loops (but am not sure none loops is the correct term) that would exist independently from the others. But none of these world would exist at all without someone to see them.

Created worlds that were never meant to be real, an higher state that had too much control, and a lower one where everyone died!  Now you have only one possible future, as the higher state stepped down to a lower one and that leaves one possible future.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

The Bathroom

In the darkness I place a polo shirt over on my head.
"Make a shape like a plane!" 
I just follow this instruction, the last month of my life had been in another dimension, and I had somehow become trapped in this world, having to do different things to try to make sense of my bizarre journey.  I had been in other world's, one was created from a single breath of a whale like ghost as it surfaced, after sounding into the depths of an deep ocean. 
The more I think about this ghost the more I realised that, this ghost is me. Me on the very edge of existence but, not me on the very edge of being dead because being dead is absolute. This was knowing who I was, not a man, not a human being but a being that could only be described as part of something that none of us as human beings are ready to accept.

Now my brain had somehow separated and my life was on one half and everything else on the other but, I had no idea which half was me.
I lay flat on the bed, stretch out my arms and legs,"make a shape like a plane"
"Are you ready?"
I am ready! This is it!
I have no idea what it is I am ready for!
I get off the bed, I am in complete darkness, I cannot see anything!
"Eye's forward!", say's the instructions in my thoughts, I stare to the front and before me is a glow in the dark star, as if by some kind of magic my thoughts echo the exact moment of my glance.
 "Your a star!", a magical moment where, my thought's were like my heart beating. I did not think the words before my mind spoke.
I make my way towards the door, the light from the hallway is shining though the edges of the door.
"Don't let any light in!"
This thought had come from the other day, while laying on the floor tied to my wardrobe, I had blocked all the light out from the door. I had of course at the time packed a small rug sack, with several very important item's and placed them in the wardrobe. These item's were of course necessary and of a great unknown importance! I needed these item just in case my attempt at time travel had really worked, although I did not know it was an attempt at time travel at that time. The most important items was my picture's, as one of them was the singularity that had, created the black hole I was falling into (of course at the time I, did not know I was falling into a black hole, or attempting time travel). Come to think of it I created the black hole and the singularity, separately! I drew the singularity, seen as the universe is flat and two dimensional, singularities can be just created and printed out on any standard ink jet printed, no special equipment needed e.g particle accelerators.
Now all I had to do was reach out and grab the hand, on the other side of the worm hole, which I could see in my mind as, an overlap of the current state. Although the attempt at time travel was in full flow, other things where in place that would allow my jump from one state to the other. The danger being, if the other states where equally real then there was a small chance that my girlfriend would walk through the door and trip up. This then had the possibility of her falling on top of me and because I had a pyramid (this was one of those ionisers) under my neck, this would then break my neck and kill me. Making the time travel event which, was overlapping a real event real!. The only problem being, the ioniser under my neck and me tied to the wardrobe happened at different times and on different days! As far a I knew though, someone had walked into the room and shot me in the head! But I had covered my head with a pillow, so I would never know. 
I could then grab the hand and be saved from the plane crash that had occurred in the past, but not in my current state in the past which, some how had been cancelled!
 Of course this seemed impossible, until my girlfriend walked through the door. She did not trip up though, as there was nothing in the way to trip up on, unless she had walked in the room the day before and tripped over clothes I had placed there for her to trip over. Then overlap collapsed and I was on the floor tied to my wardrobe! Time travel all of a sudden seemed, almost as silly as me tied to the wardrobe!

Now I stepped into the hallway and turned left into the bathroom. still with the polo shirt on my head and locked the door.
The events that follow this seem impossible to work out in which order they happened in. I think attempting to break my own neck was first. Why I did this is hard to explain, but if you had just lived through the last month like I had, then you would realise that I had no choice and breaking my neck was the only way I could have escaped from the dimensions I had become stuck in.

I had been shown that this is what I had to do but, everything I  had already tried had not quite fitted together. Now everything was making sense and was seamlessly fitting together, 

Friday, 19 December 2014

Hanging By A Thread

 Came across this one morning while waking through a wood. It was amazing to see this leaf which, at first just appeared to be floating in midair.  This was leaf hanging down from the tree's on a single thread of spider silk, it was about 2 foot off the ground and hanging down more five meters from tree canopy. It was still amazing even when I relised what it was!

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Beyond Air

I could never understand how a gland could produce oxygen, I was always sure mine was not working properly! In school our teacher assured us that it had never failed in anyone, that it's design was foolproof and a perfect example of how evolution had come up with a way, for us to survive in multiple environments! This had allow us to live on worlds with different atmosphere's and our bodies had the ability to survive in a pure vacuum. This is where I spent most of my time, my mind connected to the universe and it's here more than anywhere that feels like home.
Just me, only me and no one else, felt what I felt when in my secret place, with no air to breath I was king.
I would stay in my secret place for as long as I dare, but getting back from there got harder every time I phased back through. I could sit there in hyperspace forever, this is where our ships would pass through and I sat there watching them go back and forth. I could only observe them and I had no idea where they were going. I soon learned I, was the only one who could do this and so told no one about it.
Phasing back through the wall after a while had become increasingly complex, at first I just seemed to slide through without any issues at all. But the more I entered this world, the more complex the return was. At first I just saw these glimpses of an another existence, just like a waking dream which seemed pleasant at first. This waking dream was no dream at all, it was a life I had lived and at first it was too hard to except that this was something I had done as a being. So I continued to see this as nothing but a dream!

As I entered this world all I could think of was, I needed to surface, but my parents were preventing me from reaching the surface. They where swimming above me and stopping me from surfacing, panic had began flow though my body in waves of fear and the need to surface was immense. Why were they trying to stop me, I could see from the look of my sibling that surfacing would be a instant death or that's what went through my mind. Air, I needed air but the air I needed I would get from my mother and as I follow my sibling to the right place I took my first breath!
The first world was simple and guided by my mother, it was never too much and was just the right amount, a perfect breath of air.
I could see my father take a breath, wow! He took his breath direct from the surface, his worlds were amazing but he always played it safe. And only took as much as he needed. Why we had to created these worlds to breath was strange but alluring. We just swam on taking air only when needed, never breaching the surface completely and never questioning our existence.